What is my Ring Size?

Many people ask “what is my ring size? Is my ring size different in other countries?” In this blog, we will answer your questions and show you an easy way to determine your ring size with string, paper, and a ruler.

First, wrap a string or paper around your finger where the ring would be. Second, mark where the end of the string or paper meets. Next, take the string or paper and measure in millimeters from the end to your mark with a ruler. Compare millimeters to the size chart below.

The ring should be snug on your finger but still be able to slide over your knuckle without too much force. Your ring size will also slightly change throughout the day depending on temperature and time. As the day goes on, your fingers will slightly swell. Also, your dominate hand fingers are most likely larger than your non-dominate hand.

Your ring size is not the same in other countries. Compare your ring size to other countries below. As a default, our store shows American ring sizes. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at support@moissanitejewelrystore.com

Now that you know your ring size, come take a look at our Engagement Rings! Who knows, you might find one that you like.


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