Moissanite by Modern Era™

Heart Cut Moissanite Loose Stones D-Color VVS1 | Choose from 0.3ct to 4ct

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Heart-Cut Moissanite D-Color Loose Stones, 0.3ct-4ct

Heart Shaped Moissanite D-Color VVS1 Loose Stones | Choose from 0.3ct (4mm) to 4ct (10mm)

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Brand: Moissanite by Modern Era™

Certificate Number: See the GRA Certificate
Main Stone: Moissanite
Certificate Type: NGTC

Main Stone: Moissanite Stone
Clarity: VVS1 | Color: D
Carat: 0.3ct to 4ct
Stone size: Choose from 4mm (.4ct) - 10mm (4ct)
Stone Material: Loose Moissanite

0.3ct (4mm)
0.4ct (4.5mm)
0.5ct (5mm)
0.6ct (5.5mm)
0.8ct (6mm)
1ct (6.5mm)
1.2ct (7mm)
1.5ct (7.5mm)
2ct (8mm)
2.5ct (8.5mm)
3ct (9mm)
3.5ct (9.5mm)
4ct (10mm)

All of our Moissanite passes a Diamond Tester

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